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Alcatel-Lucent 1660 SM
Alcatel 1660 SM - это оптический мультиплексор и компактная система кросс-коммутации SDH потоков для большинства типов сетей уровня STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64 со встроеннымифункциями коммутации пакетов.
Alcatel 1660 SM в конфигурации до уровня STM-64 интегрируется с абсолютно неблокируемой матрицей
Оборудование позволяет по агрегировать и передавать широкополосный мультипротокольный трафик пакетных данных
Оборудование может быть использовано в сетях SDH нового поколения (NGN)
Особенности и преимущества Alcatel-Lucent 1660 SM STM-16/64 Optical Multi-Service Node for Metro Applications
Резервирование модулей по схеме EPS.
Всевозможные варианты резервирования Alcatel 1660 SM: 2F Linear MSP, SNCP/I, MSPring, SNCP/N, Drop and Continue для MSPring и SNCP.
«Колорированные» интерфейсы STM-16 для интеграции с DWDM системами;
оптические усилители встроены в мультиплексор Alcatel 1660 SM (boosters +10, 15 и 17 дБ);
Сцепленные полезные нагрузки виртуальных контейнеров (AU4-4c & AU4-16c);
Поддержка мульти-кольцевых конфигураций уровня STM-1/STM-4/STM-16;
Услуги LL, VPN (ATM) и VLAN (Eth/FEth/GbE);
Агрегирования сигналов Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Fiber Channel, ESCON, FICON, FDDI, DVideo в сигнал STM-16;
Порты ISA-E/FE/GbE для согласования предоставляемой полосы с объемом передаваемых данных;
L2 MPLS матрица ISA-PR-EA;
ATM-матрица ISA-ATM ;
Для предоставления соответствующих услуг предусмотрены сменные модули:
Широкий выбор интерфейсов 2, 34, 45, 140 Мб/с, Eth, FEth, GbE, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64 в различных комбинациях;
Доступ к 1512xE1 в одной стойке 2200x600x600 мм (4 x 378xE1);
Полностью неблокируемая SDH кросс-матрица 96x96(HO)/64x64(LO) или 256x256(HO)/128x128(LO) в STM-1 эквиваленте (кросс-коммутатор);
Optical Multi-Service Transport Platform for Metro Applications
Telecom Carriers and Service Providers require today optical solutions for metro and regional networks that are capable of providing capacity, reliability, flexibility and scalability to efficiently address the new communication paradigm. Together with traditional voice-based services – the vastest source of revenues for operators still today – new services for data applications are expanding at unprecedented pace and need therefore to be cost-effectively managed and transported over the metro network. Alcatel 1660 SM is the ideal optical multi-service building block of nextgeneration future-proof metro and regional networks. It provides a single shelf solution that integrates high-class SDH cross-connect and transport features together with CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) add/drop functionality and packet/cell switching capabilities.
Next-Generation SDH, CWDM, Data-Awareness. All in a Single Solution.
Alcatel 1660 SM’s single design integrates different optical and data switching technologies for optimal metro networking solutions. It is based on a solid yet flexible SDH architecture that offers the following benefits:
It is based on a solid yet flexible SDH architecture that offers the following benefits:
seamless in-service upgradability to 10Gbps
unmatched manageability for fast endto-end service provisioning and monitoring
support of carrier-grade services ranging from 2Mbps and Ethernet up to Gigabit Ethernet and 2.5Gbps
high robustness and reliability for maximum service availability in carrier-grade transport infrastructures
enhanced connectivity in all network topologies
It integrates CWDM features to extend its capabilities by providing telecom operators with:It integrates CWDM features to extend its capabilities by providing telecom operators with:
bandwidth capacity multiplication metro and regional applications
ideal cost-effective Coarse solution for geographic metropolitan optical infrastructures.
evolution from single lambda multiple lambda services same equipment
It integrates Alcatel ISA (Integrated Service Adapter) data-aware functionality to optimally adapt the transport infrastructure to new data traffic patterns:
Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ESCON, ATM and MPLS-based Packet Ring switching capabilities for improved data streams’ connectivity and enabling IP services.
cost-effective management and transport of packet-based data applications within the existing optical infrastructure – no need to add specific overlay data networks
ability to create new revenues from today’s and future competitive data services by enforcing and verifying SLAs (Service Level Agreements) based on embedded QoS (Quality of Service) patterns.
All this makes the Alcatel 1660 SM a powerful, single-shelf, cost-effective multi-technology equipment ideally targeting optical metro networks applications in which capacity, infrastructure costs, reliability and datacentric services are to play the winning key role.
Capable and Flexible
Alcatel 1660 SM is based on a full nonblocking redundant SDH matrix, with 96 x 96 STM-1 equivalent capacity at High Order, 64 x 64 STM-1 equivalent capacity at Low Order, clock reference and control functions. The single shelf system provides up to four STM-16 interfaces for double 2.5Gbps ring interconnection or in MSP 1+1 configuration. Colored STM-16 interfaces can be used for direct interworking with DWDM system at lower cost.
Equipment’s shelf is physically formed in two parts: a lower area where controls, matrices and up to sixteen physical I/O boards are located, and an upper part hosting additional I/O access boards for maximum traffic density and flexibility mix. The system may be configured for example as STM-16 ADM with full termination capacity of up to 378 x 2Mb drop within the shelf, that means, 1512 x 2Mb drop within one 600 x 600 rack. Hundreds of 10/100 Ethernet ports and tens of Gigabit Ethernet ports may be hosted into the Alcatel 1660 SM for high capacity Metro Ethernet applications. ATM and Packet Ring switching boards (ISA family) may be used whenever complex and flexible multiservice ATM-, MPLS- or Ethernetbased architectures need to be integrated along with the SDH transport infrastructure. In addition, 4xAny module empowers 1660 SM with interfaces for the transport of several specific data streams, such as ESCON, FICON, FDDI, Fiber Channel and Digital Video.
Alcatel 1660 SM can integrate CWDM functions: in ring configurations it can extend its state-of-the-art next generation SDH capabilities to cover wavelength multiplexing applications specifically addressing metro scenarios. Alcatel 1660 SM can in fact be equipped with mux/demux and OADM functions for managing up to 8 lambdas on the same fiber.
The SDH cross-connect size provides full connectivity at all VC layers for any possible configuration. STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 interfaces are mounted on plugin modules that allow flexible combination of electrical and optical (any short or long-haul type) ports on the same unit. The same degree of flexibility is provided on Gigabit Ethernet and 4xAny boards, which can host plug-in modules in different combinations.
The 1660 SM has a symmetrical architecture, allowing its application as Terminal Multiplexer, Add-Drop or mini Cross-Connect in spur, multiple rings or meshed topologies. All traffic ports (PDH, LAN Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 4xAny or SDH) of the same type have the same functionality and behavior and there is no inherent split between tributaries and aggregates. This means that it is possible the cross-connection of all traffic ports at all VCi levels.
Reliable and Data-centric
Alcatel 1660 SM is the ideal solution as multi-service transport node also thanks to its resiliency features. In terms of hardware, maximum reliability is achieved by 1+1 hot stand-by protection mechanism for all common parts and electrical tributary ports. Matrix, control and synchronization functions are always duplicated. Power supply protection is inherent as the DC/DC conversion function is distributed on each card.
Concerning traffic protection, single/dual-ended Linear Multiplex Section Protection (MSP) and Sub- Network Connection Protection (SNCP), with Drop & Continue function are provided for improved traffic availability. Alcatel 1660 SM is able to manage multiple STM-1, STM-4 or STM-16 SNCP rings and up to 2 x 2fiber STM-16 MS-SPRings. Collapsed Single and Dual Node Interconnection are supported for cost-efficient closure and interconnection of multiple rings. Alcatel 1660 SM powered by ISA and 4xAny plug-ins expands its capabilities to realize the intelligent multi-servicetransport platform for data-oriented applications – Ethernet, MPLS, IP, ATM, ESCON, Fiber Channel, etc. Alcatel OMSN 1660 SM paves the way to build a unique optical network infrastructures that support optimized transport and integrated networking functions for data applications – Metro Ethernet, Storage Area Networks, UMTS transport Networks among the others. The Optical Multi-Service Nodes family consolidates the huge experience gathered by Alcatel in optical networks architectures through hundred thousands installations worldwide. That's also where true reliability comes from.
Multi-Service Applications
Flexibility today means also ability to deal effectively with data traffic patterns. Alcatel 1660 SMC offers to operators the ability to deliver several different types of multi-protocol services for the best balance between new broadband data services and high margin traditional voice and leased line services.
Alcatel 1660 SM can be equipped with Integrated Service Adapter (ISA) plug-in modules that perform ATM, Packet Ring and Ethernet 10/100/1000 rate-adaptive transport and switching functions for Virtual Private LAN Services at variable bit rates. The extensive varieties of ISA data-engines enable operators and service providers to cope with current and future broadband traffic needs over transport networks through multiple layer convergence in single equipment. ISA plug-ins can be adapted into new or previously installed Alcatel 1660 SM as an add-on – where and when needed - that optimizes bandwidth management and reduces both transport infrastructure costs and time-to-market for the introduction of new data services in the network.
ATM Backhauling and Aggregation
New broadband data applications must rely on optimized transport network facilities that are capable of process information flows at native level. For ATM-based network solutions, ISA-ATM plug-in board on Alcatel 1660 SM is the optimal solution for transport and aggregation of ATM traffic. Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL), Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) and UTRAN (UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network) are among the applications in which operators and service providers can take benefit from deploying ISA-ATM for optimal network utilization and cost-effective network operation.
Metro Ethernet and Packet Ring
Data-aware features integrated into Optical Multi-Service Nodes’ family through ISA plug-in modules fully address today’s carriers technical requirements and future service needs to provide telecom operators with stateof- the-art, future-proof optical provisioning platforms. In line with this vision, Alcatel 1660 SM features ISA Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet native interfaces for the transport of high-reliable Ethernet leased lines in point-to-point applications. In service Bandwidth on Demand is supported, to allow flexible increments of optical bandwidth during network live operation. Moreover the ability to map Ethernet flows into multiple SDH resources (e.g. one Ethernet into 5 x VC-12s routed in diverse paths) boosts dramatically the survivability of the user data connection in case of network failures.
Point to point connectivity does cover, however, only a portion of Metro Ethernet services. Operators require in fact their network infrastructure to be able to share bandwidth and manage new Ethernet-based revenue-generating Value Added Services (VAS) at lowest cost per bit, that implies Layer 2 intelligence entering the SDH network. ISA provides Packet Ring modules as the solution to integrate Ethernet switching capability, multiple VLAN services and Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (L2-VPN) into the optical transport network following the smoothest and most cost-effective path. ISA Packet Ring/Edge Aggregator plugin cards of Alcatel 1660 SM are based on Ethernet over MPLS technology and implement the natural evolution from point-to-point Ethernet leased lines towards point-to-multipoint and any-toany Ethernet architectures. Its MPLS core engine ultimately ensures carrierclass Ethernet VAS with verifiable QoS-based Service Level Agreements (SLA).
ISA Packet Ring module introduces a fully-managed packet switching functionality which virtually embeds a shared MPLS-Ethernet switching data layer inside the optical SDH-based network resources.
Main benefits of Alcatel’s ISA packet ring solution are:
total flexibility in terms of data connectivity in the network (point-tomultipoint)
service provisioning through VLANs, priorities and Ethernet bridging support
interface and bandwidth aggregation for improved network efficiency
traffic management based on CoS (Class of Service) with real-time network-wide prioritization and protection of delay-sensitive data streams
diversified and guaranteed QoS (Quality of Service)
enforceable and verifiable Service Level Agreement (SLA) for each end customer
full interworking with MPLS-based backbones
Alcatel’s OMSN ISA Packet Ring provides operators with a carrier-grade solution for optimized data delivering with incremental investments, as new competitive services are cost-effectively generated by exploiting the existing SDH infrastructure, thus avoiding to deploy a new unnecessary overlay network infrastructure and ultimately reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.
Storage Area Networks
Enterprises and corporates worldwide rely on complex Information Technology computer structures to store and maintain their mission-critical data and applications. In this scenario, Storage Area Networks (SAN) are the answer of telecommunications industry to improve availability, resiliency, performance, modularity and geographical distribution of storage systems, offering enterprises and corporates superior capacity and connectivity for their vital information systems. Alcatel 1660 SM addresses SAN applications in Metro environments. Its WDM features together with the native interfacing capabilities of 4xAny for specific storage applications (e.g. ESCON, FICON, Fiber Channel), make the Alcatel 1660 SM a flexible solution to interconnect various enterprise local networks to a centralized storage network to optimize management costs of data. Fig. 4: Alcatel 1660 SM - SAN applications
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